Why Join?

Wondering what the benefits to your organization would be? Check out the potential benefits to you and your company!

Founding Plaque

Join in 2010 and receive a Founding Member Plaque

  1. Contractors – the MNGHPA will be a resource for contractors to interact with other geothermal professionals, to attend conference’s and training seminars, and to further educate themselves on how to design and install a geothermal system.  Plus, your company would be listed on the website as a geothermal professional that has provided the MNGHPA with proper documentation as a legitimate business. This ensures potential customers that your company conducts business in a professional manner according to our code of ethics. That means your company has more creditability than a competitor that isn’t a member of this organization – giving you a competitive edge.
  2. Designers/Engineers – the MNGHPA will be a resource for designers/engineers to interact with other geothermal professionals, to attend conferences and training seminars specifically to further educate designers on how to design a geothermal system.  Our website will also allow you to reach a specific target audience for the services you provide.
  3. Manufacturers/Distributors – the MNGHPA is dedicated to educating the consumer public as well as industry people for proper design and installation of ground source heat pumps.  This will further advance the technology and therefore increase sales.  The website will be the greatest avenue for consumer research to find the best contractors and designers in the industry.  Therefore, by having your company name listed as a member/sponsor the consumer can find you with ease and feel comfortable with the decision to buy your product.
  4. Utilities – Because of the proven energy efficiencies and reductions in energy usage, this technology can help all forms of utilities from Generation & Transmission, Distribution, and even gas utilities meet new Federal and State mandates for energy reduction.  If your company supports this organization it will benefit by having quality installations for your customers, and everyone can benefit in the energy savings.
  5. All others – For anyone else that would be interested in becoming a member the benefit to you is to know that you are helping a cause that is making a difference with our current energy issues.  You are supporting an industry that has the technology to reduce the carbon footprint of our state for each system installed.  You will be supporting an organization that will be the contact for state legislatures and other governing bodies for help with regulations.  This organization will be on the for front with research constantly proving our technology is the best heating, cooling, and water heating technology available for energy conservation in the state of MN.  The association will be holding an annual meeting and conference providing its members with the latest industry news, technology, and training opportunities.

So don’t hesitate, join the Minnesota Geothermal Heat Pump Association today and help support an industry that is doing our state a lot of good by saving its people money, and saving the pristine environment that we live in.