Presentations from the 2013 Conference:

Geothermal Heat Pumps…the New GOLD

Life After the Tax Credit

Geothermal System Troubleshooting

System Benefits with ECM Pumps

New Online Design Tools

New Technologies That Are Increasing System Efficiencies

Moisture Ventilation

Top 10 Questions Dealers Should Ask Consumers to Close GEO Sales

The Hydronic Advantage

CERTs Presentation


Here’s your presentations from the 2012 Conference:

1. Cold Climate Horizontal Loops

2. Variable Pumping for Geothermal

3. Trouble shooting a geo system

4. The New Reality: Energy Efficiency

5. Radiant Heating Design for Geothermal

6. Properly Sizing a Geothermal System

7. Website Design and Search Engine Optimization ROI

8. How to sell GSHP Systems

9. Geothermal Utilities

10. Geothermal Marketing 101

11. Energy Modeling for Commercial Building

12. Cold Climate Horizontal Loops

13. Moving Heat With Water